St. Anthony Finder of Love Starter Kit
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St. Anthony Starter Kit

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St. Anthony is revered as the “Saint of Miracles” and is most commonly credited with helping believers find lost objects. For hundreds of years St. Anthony has also been honored as the miracle worker who can assist those who invoke his name in finding true love. In legends and rituals dating back centuries, seekers have petitioned St. Anthony’s assistance in their quest to find their soul mates.

Some of the most famous rituals involve praying a prayer to St. Anthony every Tuesday while burning orange candles in front of his statue. Another legend promotes that the most effective way to find a life partner is by placing thirteen identical coins around the base of the statue of St. Anthony, and while praying, walking around the statue thirteen times (His Feast Day is June 13).

However you choose to ask the divine St. Anthony to intercede on your behalf in finding your soul mate is up to you. Our human spirit gives power to myths and legends. Rituals enhance our lives and allow us to be active participants in the achievement of a desired goal. Enjoy the process! Believe in the power of prayer.

This kit includes everything you need to Find Love.  You will receive a St. Anthony Statue with the Blessing printed on a keepsake card, 3 orange candles to light while reciting the St. Anthony Blessing and 1 St. Anthony Finder of Love coin.  

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